Flood of 2006 Pictures and Information
ground pictures by Eric Orff, aerial photos by Steward Yeaton

Video clip from NHPTV Outlook  5/31/06 on the change in the river.  When viewing, on "Real Player" fast forward to 18:45 time for Eric Orr.

Topo Map of Suncook River 16 May 2006

Flooded Suncook

Pittsfield Dam Watchers

Dry Suncook   The Suncook River runs dry below the Old Mill Dam Tuesday, 5/16/06

Sand Pit 1

Sand Pit 2

Aerial View of Old Mill

Aerial View of Suncook River 1

Aerial View of Suncook River 2

Old Mill dam, dry

Old Mill Upstream

Brook Floater Mussel stranded by the K's below the Old Mill Dam.

US Fish and Wildlife Biologists along with NH Fish and Game begin the recovery os stranded endangered Brook Floater Mussels.  5/23/06

Suncook River rainbow.  The rain has ended, 5/22/06

Muddy Suncook.  At Short Falls swimming hole, river still runs muddy a week later,  5/23/06

Local Officials inspect the recent channel change at Cutter Sand Pit, 5/19/06

Cornfield at Ring's Inter vale covered with sand and silt, 5/23/06

Suncook River now runs through a cornfield below Black Hall Road in Epsom, 5/23/06

Suncook River now flows through Round Pond. 5/23/06

A very different Suncook River at the breach, 6/1/06

Bill Kim and Michelle Daley on banking, 6/1/06

It's a new river at the Rt. 4 bridge in Epsom, 6/1/06

Last vestiges of the Suncook River flow upstream, 6/1/06

UNH Prof. Bill McDowell and assistant M. Daley and a UNH grad. student take water samples down stream, 6/1/06

Sampling the pool of the old river bed, 6/1/06

Suncook Dam, 6/1/06

Suncook River turns to rapids where once were still waters just below the gorge, 6/1/06

UNH crew stands on the old east dam, 6/1/06

UNH crew looks over the breach, 6/1/06

UNH Professor Bill McDowell walks along the dry river bed, 6/1/06

UNH grad. student takes water chemistry, 6/1/06

Sand pit on Suncook River, before and after the course change in the river.  Photos by Brian Lamarsh.

NH Fish and Game biologist conducted fish sampling of Colby Brook and the Suncook River below the Old Mill Dam, 6/8/06