Reports and Memos about flood

WAP Funding Request  Funding sought to study the largest nationally known population of threatened brook floater mussels.

FEMA ltr. in reference to USGS Epsom Flood Study.  Letter is in .PDF format.

DES Weekly Update by Steve Couture.

Spreadsheet containing data on fish collected from Colby Brook and Suncook River by the NH Fish and Game.  June 2006.  File is in .PDF format.

FEMA Proposal, 6/11/06.  File is in .PDF format.

NH Fish & Game Recommendation, 6/7/06.  File is in .PDF format.

Suncook River Water Quality Data, 6/5/06.  File is in .PDF format.

Poster, May 2006, Suncook River Avulsion, NHDES.  File is in .PDF format

Suncook River Assessment 6/30/2006  File is in .PDF format