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Suncook River Watershed

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Suncook River plan on track  Full Story
by Matt Spolar, Monitor Staff
May 29, 2911

Erosion?  Blame reckless development  Full story
Letter from Shirley Dorrington, Warner, Concord Monitor
February 9, 2011

Lawmakers can't beat Mother Nature  Full story
by Monitor Staff
February 6, 2011

DES:  Use 'science-based treatments  Full story
By Mathew Spolar / Monitor staff
February 4, 2011

Allenstown-Suncook River
Lawmakers:  $7 million to re-route river Full story)
By Mathew Spolar / Monitor staff
February 1, 2011

Officials try new course on river
Full story)
State money could aid Suncook repair
Matthew Spolar / Monitor staff
June 26, 2010, Concord Monitor

Suncook River
Engineers Outline Option for Suncook River  Full story)  May 30, 2008, Concord Monitor
by Meg Hartman
Monitor staff

Suncook River
River's new path is likely to stay
Epsom residents eye transformed Suncook   Full story) (Concord Monitor)

Monitor staff

Updated working draft of the geomorphic assessment analysis memo as prepared by the VHB project team for the Suncook River Avulsion Study.  February 20, 2008

Suncook River
Postscripts - endangered mussels. 
Full story) (Concord Monitor 7/24/2006)

NASA Earth Observatory.
Views from Space
Suncook River Shifts Course  View Article

Suncook River
Officials eye future of Suncook
Flood aid is focus of state, federal meeting.  Full story) (Concord Monitor 6/22/2006)

Suncook River
Their river ran dry > Mussels need workout
Since river ran dry, they've been hurting  
Full story) (Concord Monitor 6/9/2006)

Riverís future is still fluid
State, residents debate Suncook's new route. 
(Full story) (Concord Monitor 6/6/2006)

It's not the flooding, it's the silt

When the Suncook River charted a new course last month, it tore through trees and land, including a gravel and sand pit. When the river water flooded homes, it also dumped the eroded silt along the Suncook's banks. Since the floods ended, the Suncook's waters in Epsom, Pembroke and Allenstown have remained brown. (Full story) (Concord Monitor 6/4/2006)

Reconstructing the Landscape
One of the biggest challenges in figuring out just why the Suncook River jumped its banks in Epsom last month is reconstructing what the landscape along the riverbank looked like before it was flooded, scientists say.  (Full story) (Concord Monitor 6/4/2006)

A river doesnít run through it

The Suncook River in Epsom hasn't been the same since last month's floods: Now, it runs through farm fields and a sand pit, and a riverfront restaurant overlooks a dry river-bed.
(Full story)  Concord Monitor 6/4/2006

Before the next river changes its course
'Suncook," in the language of the Abenaki Indians, means "to the rocks," and rocks are all the Mothers Day flood left behind of a two-mile stretch of the Suncook River in Epsom.
(Full story)  Concord Monitor 5/26/2006

Wandering riverís future unclear
The state has never dealt with a situation like the one in Epsom, where the Suncook River shifted hundreds of meters during last week's flood, skirting two dams, creating about a mile of new river through a sand pit and leaving a similar length of... (Full story)  Concord Monitor 5/23/2006

Mussels lose their river home

When Susi Von Oettingen heard that the Suncook River had changed course in Epsom last week, her mind turned to mussels. The river's rocky, sandy bottom was just the kind of habitat that the endangered brook floater mussel prefers.
(Full story)  Concord Monitor 5/23/2006

Officials want river back where it was
Recent flooding caused the Suncook River to blow out along one curve and cut a new path. The water washed away trees, a dirt road and a sand pit. Now the old river bed is dry.
(Full story)  Concord Monitor (Associated Press) 5/23/2006

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