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Pictures of the Patriots Day Flood
by Eric Orff, Epsom, NH

Buck Street Dam Eroding

Flooded Deer Brook

Flooded Suncook River

Kings Grant Rd washout

Pembroke, Buck Street Dam flooded

Pittsfield Dam Flooded

River Road, Epsom, repair work

Road Washed Out

Route 28, Chichester, flooded out

Webster Park, Epsom, flooded

Newspaper Articles (all are in .PDF format)

Hookset Banner, 4/23/07

Hookset Banner, 4/25/07

Concord Monitor, 5/2/07

Concord Monitor, 5/28/07

Hookset Banner, 5/30/07

Sen. Larsen Supports Flood Study

Concord Monitor, 8/13/07

Concord Monitor, 8/15/07

Patriots Day Flood - April 16, 2007

Torrential rain swept through the state yesterday, washing out hundreds of roads and leaving tens of thousands of residents without power. Gov. John Lynch declared a state of emergency and activated 230 members of the New Hampshire National Guard to help with evacuations, traffic control and sandbagging.

The nor'easter, which hit Concord early in the morning, dumped rain throughout New England. By yesterday evening, more than three inches of rain had fallen in the Concord area, according to the National Weather Service.

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