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Newspaper Articles (all are in .PDF format) about the flood.

Concord Monitor, 3/16/10

Union Leader, 3/15/2010

Concord Monitor, 3/18/2010


Floods displace families in the Suncook River valley for the fourth time in five years. 

Near record floods swept the Suncook River valley yet again in March of 2010. This near record flood event happened just two weeks after near hurricane force winds and rain toppled trees shutting off power to many of the residents and flooding some areas. This higher flood event sent residents scurrying for higher ground in Allenstown, Epsom and Pembroke for the fourth time in just five years.

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River Rd., Pembroke closed by flooding Epsom swimming hole under water again

Flooded fields Rte. 28 north Flooded RV

High water, Pittsfield dam River Rd., Epsom - Washed out