New Hampshire Friends of the
Suncook River

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Spring Fly Fishing

River shots in Barnstead Parade,

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About Us

The New Hampshire Friends of the Suncook River is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) charitable conservation organization founded in 2001.   In January of 2001, over twenty folks from throughout the watershed met in Barnstead, NH to discuss the possibility of developing a network of greenways within the Suncook River Watershed

There was representation from Conservation Commissions, Planning Commissions, Selectmen offices, Schools, Fish & Game, UNH Cooperative Extension, as well as interested individuals and landowners, to name a few.

Our Goals

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To identify and facilitate protection of natural resources, important cultural and historical areas; including water resources, riparian lands, farm and forest lands, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and scenic areas.

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To identify lands to form greenways within the watershed and to join protected lands with adjacent greenways and other land protection projects.

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To educate and engage the public about the watershed, the river and the importance of our efforts, thereby creating a sense of community within the entire watershed.

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To educate landowners, public officials and interested citizens in the importance of permanently protecting open space lands by demonstrating their attributes and contributions to the economy and a desirable quality of life.

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To support and cooperate with governmental, charitable and other private and public institutions in activities that are consistent with the purposes of the corporation.

outdoors_bullet.gif (214 bytes)To attract broad public support through grants and contributions, directly or indirectly in ways consistent with the purposes of the corporation.